Overview: Materials & Surfaces

Trays to showcase luxury leather goods; Copyright: DIEGO TEXERA PHOTOGRAPHY

Coach’s new Salt Lake City store features fully circular surfacing


Fashion house Coach’s reopened a store that is outfitted with fully recycled and recyclable plastic panels made from waste.
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Several people transporting plastic waste; Copyright: LUSH

Prevented Ocean Plastic: LUSH cosmetics making the swap


LUSH is looking for ways to innovate with packaging, to save resources and protect the environment. Now the cosmetics retailer is introducing Prevented Ocean Plastic globally.
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Decor bricks made from a compression of out-of-use clothing; Copyright: Printemps

Printemps upcycles its decor


As part of its commitment to a environmentally responsible store design, Printemps is increasing the use of upcycled materials to decorate its retail spaces.
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View of the industrial-design coffee bar across wooden tables and chairs and benches; Copyright: Jose Miguel Gonzalez / Apertura Arquitectonica

This coffee shop design is an ode to Mexican coffee culture


Open industrial style meets warm wood and clay brick textures at this Kali Coffee Roasters café. Created by architecture and design studio Concéntrico, the interior of the new coffee shop has been interpreted as a visual and sensory journey through the coffee-making process.
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Sustainable material samples from the Innovation Hub Duisburg; Copyright: umdasch

Materials and Surfaces: how nice-to-have aspects turned into must-have elements


Environmentally friendly actions and shopfitting systems have long been a critical requirement in retail environments according to Swantje Donath, Shop Consultant at umdasch The Store Makers. But what does that mean exactly?
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A brown paper package with labels on it and the Fraunhofer logo; copyright: Fraunhofer

Bioactive paper coatings to replace plastic for packaging foods


As part of the “BioActiveMaterials” project, researchers at the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft have developed an eco-friendly coating for paper packaging.
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Flooring with pattern in a fashion store; copyright: Debolon Dessauer Bodenbeläge

Expert tips: The best flooring options for your retail store


You need a new look for the flooring in your store – you have many options and they must be considered carefully. Industry experts told us what the different types of flooring from vinyl to carpet all the way to renovation lacquer systems have to offer.
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