Overview: Food Service Equipment

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Two people each holding a meat package; Copyright: Central Retail

Tops launches 100% biodegradable eco-friendly meat packaging


Tops launches eco-friendly meat packaging for chilled meat sections. It utilises natural plant materials that swiftly decompose and reduce plastic pollution.
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Chef holding frying pan, cooking food over the stove; Copyright: Image-Source/envato element

Food service equipment market size is set to grow


The global food service equipment market is driven by demands for environmentally friendly technologies and smart, networked devices.
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A person with a shopping cart in a supermarket; Copyright: YuriArcursPeopleimages/envato element

Research identifies opportunities for aligning on consumer eating occasions


How can grocers attract more shoppers with offering food services and product assortments that meet customers' needs, experiences, tastes, and expectations convenience.
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Various fast foods on a table with deep fryers and a robotic arm in the background; Copyright: Miso Robotics

World's first fully autonomous AI-powered restaurant opening


Cali Group and Miso Robotics announced that they are soon opening CaliExpress by Flippy™, the world's first fully autonomous restaurant.
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A robot hand on which a burger is placed; Copyright: Business Wire

SavorEat debuts first plant-based Robot Chef


SavorEat, the food tech company bringing customization and sustainability (using AI and 3D printing technologies) to food service, partners with Sodexo to bring SavorEat’s Robot Chef into the U.S. market.
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A self-service shelf for bakery products with many compartments; Copyright: Shop-IQ

AI for baking stations: Freshness is king


The Smart Bakery Box, an AI-driven system, analyzes the sales figures of self-service baking stations and determines the optimal production quantity.
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Two men working in a butchery; copyright: SPAR Spain

SPAR Spain partner in Gran Canaria invests in butchery school


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big blue containers wih huge insulated tubes going into them; copyright: Goterra

Maggot robots helping Woolworths work towards zero food waste


An innovative new food waste management system is set to launch at Woolworths to transform how the city deals with the thousands of tonnes of food waste generated each week.
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An open vegetable and fruit department with merchandise tables in the louis delhaize OPEN MARKET

New grocery shopping concept at louis delhaize


louis delhaize establishes a new food market concept with the OPEN MARKET: It combines the assortment of a supermarket with the freshness offers and the atmosphere of a market place on a large store area.
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Several people scooping lettuce at a salad counter; copyright: Picadeli

Self-service food options: A taste of the future?


Supermarkets want to exploit the gastronomic "to go" potential and offer ready meals or salad bars. How can grocers score here in the future?
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