New grocery shopping concept at louis delhaize

OPEN MARKET: Local culinary delights among supermarket shelves and marketplace stalls

A louis delhaize OPEN MARKET from the outside

© louis delhaize


A floor plan of a louis delhaize OPEN MARKET with French department labels

© louis delhaize

Fresh food counters, snacks, drinks and specialties

A meat counter in louis delhaize OPEN MARKET

At the fresh food counter (“le comptoir”) there are sausages and meat products, but naturally cheese is also not to be missed in Belgium.
© louis delhaize

A meat counter in louis delhaize OPEN MARKET

The open, simple design of the stalls with steel framework and narrow light wooden panels creates a friendly market atmosphere.
© louis delhaize

An open vegetable and fruit department with merchandise tables in the louis delhaize OPEN MARKET

The center of the whole (“le marché”) are the merchandise tables full of fruits and vegetables. The open, welcoming design and the canopy enhance the market atmosphere. © louis delhaize

A juicer, oranges, and a slushy machine

The range of fresh products and treats also includes juicers and slushy machines for frozen drinks, as well as a fully automatic coffee machine. © louis delhaize

A refrigerated shelf for ready meals in the louis delhaize OPEN MARKET

In “les ateliers” (meaning small production shops), ready meals, soups, salads and sandwiches are prepared, fish and meat are portioned for sale … © louis delhaize

A bread shelf in the louis delhaize OPEN MARKET

… and fresh breads baked.
© louis delhaize

U-shaped wine racks in louis delhaize OPEN MARKET

Several niches (“les alcôves”) offer goods from Belgium or other countries, as well as beers, wines, coffees and various specialties.
© louis delhaize

A shelf for local products in the louis delhaize OPEN MARKET

Thus, regional and local products aren’t lacking, which are not only well received by locals, but also often by tourists.
© louis delhaize

An unpackaged section with filled containers of loose food at the louis delhaize OPEN MARKET.

In both markets, there is also a large bulk station where customers can fill their food in the desired quantity at the dispensers. This includes, for example, pasta, rice, pulses, cereals or confectionery. © louis delhaize

Supermarket shelves in louis delhaize OPEN MARKET

Finally, the “warehouse” (“l’entrepôt”) with 400 square meters offers everything for daily needs – from food and beverages to hygiene and cleaning products, as you would expect from large supermarkets. © louis delhaize

Two self-checkout counters in the louis delhaize OPEN MARKET

Customers can pay however they prefer: at traditional checkouts with staff or at self-checkout stations.
© louis delhaize

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