Innovative store concepts under the spotlight

The EuroShop RetailDesign Award China celebrates outstanding store design


ERDA China 2024: an exclusive preview

A selection of submitted design projects for ERDA China 2024

Glass front of a restaurant, two huge bird sculptures on the façade above; copyright: ChicChicBird

ChicChicBird; designed by Huazhong University of Science and Technology
© ChicChicBird

A store with wooden furniture in grid style; copyright: Rainbow Box

Rainbow Box; designed by Quantum Space
© Rainbow Box

A store in bright, cool colors, on the left is a mannequin with fencing equipment; copyright: ANTA T-AGE

ANTA T-AGE; designed by Leaping Creative

A modern designed café with round shapes and dark green seating; Copyright: Pain Chaud

Pain Chaud; designed by Chen Siyan, Cheng Xing, Zhou Hang (YEAP LAB)
© Pain Chaud

A modern, bright cosmetics store, interior architecture and design are characterized by round and oval shapes; copyright: Osilan Cosmetic

Osilan Cosmetic Exhibition Space; designed by Parallect Design
© Osilan Cosmetic

An equestrian center with curved interior architecture, built of brown bricks; Copyright: Chengdu Dargans Equestrian Club

Chengdu Dargans Equestrian Club; designed by Atelier-Sizhou
© Chengdu Dargans Equestrian Club

A modern café in light tones with seating; copyright: NIO

NIO Delivery Center; designed by Shanghai POHE Environmental Art Design Co., Ltd.

A large hall with a staircase, with a bar underneath; copyright: Kolon Sport

Kolon Sport; designed by Roarc Renew Design
© Kolon Sport

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